Round the clock,
complete range of
first class ship supply services.

Global Logistics and Trading Company Sarl offer complete range of first class ship supply services round the clock across the Central and west African ports and across all our owned offices in more than 30 countries, Cameroon, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo, Angola and Equatorial Guinea. We own and operate a fleet of more than 6 launches with adequate deck space & passengers capacity to support offshore operations. We also provide ware housing facilities, in house clearance & forwarding, and transportations/logistical support to ensure supply services are delivered in time and at any given time.

Crew Changes, Visa Processing, E-Tickets, Hotel and Transport, Medical Support, CTM, Spares Delivery, Bunker Coordination, Supplies Coordination and Arrangement, Survey Arrangements, Launch Services, Certificates Renewal, Arrangement of Slops, Sludge & Garbage Disposal, Servicing of On Board Equipment, Minor Repairs Arrangements, Hull, Hold And Propeller Cleaning etc., are just some of the services offered on a regular basis. You can be rest assured whatever the delivery, we will make it happen.

- Trusted & reliable partner
- Professional , well experienced and dedicated team
- Excellent relations with all Port authorities and local vendors
- Ability to offer customized solutions to each principal
- High standards of local procurement powers and operational effectiveness
- Resourceful supervision of costs and service levels
- Flexibility to accommodate last minute changes in arrangements

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